Commonwealth Cleaning has gained a reputation of providing a personalized service to its clients.

Each new staff member is formally inducted into their workplace, by the manager or supervisor on duty.  This induction is generally for a week or two with continuous training by the supervisor on staff.

All staff is fully instructed in every facet of their required task at their designated workplace.  They are also going through advanced training to other facets of the business, such as carpet care, stripping and waxing floors, etc.

Commonwealth Cleaning takes an active interest and role in its staff by providing training to ensure that their cleaning knowledge is enhanced, and constantly updated.

Training and familiarization updated are provided to all staff on all items of equipment they will utilize in the performance of their tasks.

Commonwealth Cleaning requires its staff to complete training in a range of areas including:

–    Occupational Health & Safety
–    Correct usage and disposal of chemicals
–    Safe handling of hazardous materials and waste
–    Safety in the workplace, how to identify potential hazards
–    Equipment usage and maintenance
–    Public relations
–    Self motivation and improvements
–    Management of people skills
–    First aid

All though some of these items listed are not important for general cleaning, we expect that all employees of Commonwealth Cleaning understand and recognize all of these areas.

Training is conducted at the Commonwealth Cleaning headquarters located at 1504 Bryan Avenue Lexington, KY  40505.  All staff is required to watch a cleaning video.  After watching the video they will meet with upper management to discuss their role with Commonwealth Cleaning and after we see they are fit and ready to be released in the field, they will be assigned with a supervisor for hands on experience.  After they complete their one week assignment with the supervisor, they are assigned daily tasks without supervision.  The supervisor will inspect their work on the tasks assigned, and if they don’t have a bad mark by the supervisor they are released to do the tasks without supervision.  We then count on the quality assurance program to ensure all tasks are being performed as.