General Policy
It is a strong belief of Commonwealth Cleaning that our past and continued success relies largely on customer satisfaction.  It is because of this recognition that we apply the following methods to assure quality in every facility that we serve:

Task Specialization
Many of the specialized services that we offer are completed by individuals who have received specialized training and focus all of their efforts on that specific discipline.  Examples include our Floor & Carpet Care Specialists.

Nightly Supervision
Our supervisors ensure that all work is performed correctly and in a thorough manner.  Supervisors work directly with their cleaning crew, giving them feedback on performance and demanding quality work.

Operations Manager
Our highly experienced Operations Manager oversees areas regularly to assure that they are maintaining proper quality standards, following up on customer complaints, and overseeing the several Specialist Crews who perform work throughout the many buildings that we service.

Customer Relations
Our Manager is responsible for meeting at least monthly with the tenants of the Midway College to receive feedback regarding the level of service that we provide.  This feedback is then given to that area’s Supervisor and the Operations Manager to make sure that the Midway College is getting the good service that they have come to expect.

Constant Accessibility
Our customers can rest assured that they can reach someone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 859-268-4330.  By constantly staying in touch with the customer we are always able to respond immediately to any question, concern, or emergency that they may have.

Weekly Staff Meetings
We hold a weekly staff meeting attended by our General Manager, Operations Manager, Floor Care Supervisor and every Building Supervisor.  This meeting provides a valuable channel of communication within the organization.  Because of this weekly meeting, special issues are addressed to prevent them from being overlooked.